Open Positions

Do you want to work with something really meaningful both for the present and the future? Electrical transportation is indeed here to take over the world, and we are a part of that process.

Iternio is a small startup founded by the developers of A Better Routeplanner (ABRP), based on two highly connected business ideas:

  1. To provide and develop the world’s largest public consumer EV planner A Better Routeplanner further, expanding the limits of what an EV planner can do, letting both beginners and pros learn and feel confident about EV driving.
  1. To offer the knowledge we have and the algorithms we develop in ABRP as a professional API for businesses who want to include EV planning and other services in their own digital services. This includes car manufacturers, charger infrastructure companies, leasing companies and many more.

Being a very small startup does not mean we are a small player. ABRP is the World’s most used public service for EV route planning. And yet, there is so much more we want to do with it. Want to join our R&D team?

We need smart engineers/developers/scientists who think programming is fun but not necessarily the only thing you do. Our software spans lots of different tools and preferably you know or can quickly learn several of them. Here’s an incomplete list:

  • The ABRP app is developed in the React Native cross-platform framework for three platforms: iOS, Android and web. Cross-platform has many challenges, but it is fantastic for a small company to be able to support three platforms from the same code – we are at 95% common Javascript code. It does however require that you can keep many things in mind at the same time. UI design experience is a major plus here.
  • Our APIs need constant development, both for the ABRP app but also for our API customers. This is all developed in Python, and various databases (SQL and noSQL).
  • The EV planning engine is the core of our business. This is an advanced set of software running together with various caching mechanisms and load sharing for completely linear scaling with servers. You will want to know some optimal control theory to work on this. Programmingwise, the core is based on optimized Cython and everything else is Python.
  • We run our own backend servers to cope with the requirements we have, spread over different datacenters. This means we have to work on load sharing, redundancy, database replication, database optimization, intrusion detection, data security, and many more IT techniques.
  • Data. We have lots and lots of data. Planning data, charging data, driving data, vehicle data. Analyzing this data and refining it into something valuable provides additional value for our users and customers.  We run Elasticseach and Kibana to be able to analyze and learn from our data, and there is much more we can do.

You may not be an expert in all of the above. But you should want to be, and want to make a big difference.

The Iternio headquarter is in Lund, Sweden.

Contact our CEO and founder Bo at