Advanced Models for all Long-Range EVs

The Iternio planner supports more than 200 different electric vehicle models, and more being added continuously. All car models are based on real-world data.

Combine All Chargers and Providers

With Iternio’s large set of charger data bases, users can plan a trip with prefered brand chargers only or a combination of available chargers. Tesla + Ionity?  No problem.

Trusted by EV Owners Since 2016

Iternio runs the popular free planning service (ABRP). This is how we get user feedback, car data and give back to the EV community.

Meeting your Route Planning Needs

Planning-as-a-Service API
Highly parameterizable 
Real-time weather, traffic, station availability forecast
Integration with your data sources
Detailed route output including SoC and elevation profile
More than 50,000,000 routes already planned

Our Planner API

Read our API documentation and see what you can do with it.

Planner API
How it started

A Better Routeplanner was started and run as a hobby project by Bo just after he got his first Tesla in 2016. He realized that there was no good way to plan his upcoming trips outside of the car, and that it would help a lot to be able to follow-up on a plan in the Tesla in-car browser while driving. After two years ABRP has become an essential tool for any road trip by experienced EV owners, and a great way for EV beginners to learn and feel safe.
Our company Iternio was formed in 2018 with the mission to continue driving the free service ABRP while providing the planning API and other services to partners. 

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